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ICEY TEK 82L Standard Ice Box Cooler

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The 82L is a step up again from the 72 L. This box is often a good size second icebox and popular to have around the house for barbecues and parties to put into a trailer or are you for extended trips away all for multiple people.

Each 82L ice box is fitted with 3 Heavy Duty Injection Moulded Hinges, which stop just past 90 degrees. These are strong and prevent having rope inside the box to stop the lids from flipping back.

The wall thickness ranges from 80mm thick in the lid where it needs the most insulation. To 40mm to 45mm thick in the base and sides. This gives our coolers great thermal insulation without being overly heavy.

External Dimensions

Length - 703mm

Height - 530mm

Width - 490mm

Internal Dimensions

Length - 555mm

Height - 405mm

Width - 370mm


Weight - 13kg

Lid height when open - 1020mm