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ROAD CHEF 12V Camping Oven

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Save Money, Save Time & Eat Well with the Road Chef 12-volt oven by Camp Easy. Whether cooking on your ultimate trip around Australia, a trip to Cape York, a weekend away or while working, driving long haul or fencing the back paddock, what you cook is only limited by your imagination. You can choose to keep it simple or cook like a chef. Boats, 4WDs and trucks all have batteries, so why not harness the energy in these to cook meals in your oven? When a positive and negative current join either light or heat is produced, and we have harnessed heat and put it inside a strong stainless-steel shell.

To power the oven there are three options; using a 20A Anderson plug or using the extension cord that will plug into either a cigarette lighter or Merit power plug. Once plugged in the unit will draw 8.3A at 12-volt continuously. To turn it on rotate the temperature gauge to the required setting and then spin the cut off timer switch to the desired cooking time, remembering it will take about 20 -30 minutes to preheat to 160-180°C. A bell will ring to remind you that the oven has turned itself off. The oven is fully insulated so even while heating at 180°C the outside of the oven will stay below 40°C so it is safe to touch. The unit does not require ventilation, so it is safe to recess into a cupboard or shelving system. The unit comes with two easy to install mounting brackets that allow it to be tied ‘down’ to the top of a shelf or to mount it to the underside tying it ‘up’. It is so easy to Bake, Roast or Reheat in the Road Chef.

The insulated door is secured by a strong port latch that will keep it closed on even the roughest track. The vent holes allow steam to escape from inside the oven, making pastry light and crisp and helping to brown the roasts. Inside there are two telescopic slide-out shelves that are easily removable making them easy to clean. Use both shelves if you want to do pies, take the top one out for a roast or stew and remove them both placing a small pan or a foil wrapped toasted sandwich directly on the base of the oven for direct heating. The Road Chef is big enough to feed the whole family, is perfect for prepared meals or for snacks on the go.