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SNAKE PROTEX Expedition Gaiters

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SnakeProtex™ durable and lightweight gaiters are scientifically proven to protect the wearer from the world’s most venomous snakes. The new gaiters now offer you even better protection from snake strikes while looking like every day work-wear and lasting the distance

*  Adjustable top leg straps allowing for a firmer, closer, and safer fit

*  SnakeProtex™ Expedition gaiters are now more versatile than ever

*  Puncture Resistant Testing (ASTM F2878) achieved double highest rating (2.05 times above level 5)

*  Sporting a range of features such as adjustable boot straps allowing for a better fit for a larger range of different boots and shoes

*  A new press tab installed to clip over the zipper provides better security stopping the zip from moving whilst walking, working or out having fun

*  Comfortable to wear all day, while providing excellent protection

*  Weight approx 290g each gaiter