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SUPA PEG Tarp Saver

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The Tarp Saver is used to increase the height of traps and therefore ideal for preventing them from pooling water. The spring at the base of the tarp saver support enables constant upward pressure to be applied to the tarp that can adapt to shrinkage and expansion of the material during the day as the temperature changes It will suit any tent pole with a 8mm spigot. the twin cross tarp support bar twice as strong and cover a larger surface area. Folds away for easy packing.

  • Supa-Peg Tarp Saver
  • Prevents water pooling on your tarp
  • UV treated
  • Ideal for tarps, awnings and annexes
  • Tension spring to increase tarp life
  • Large 480mm diameter to create an umbrella effect
  • Adjustable pitch
  • Made in Australia

Material: Orange Polypropylene