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SUPA PEG Awning Storm Tie Down Straps 1 Pair

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The awning tie down straps are designed to give your caravan (or camper) awning extra support for windy and unfavourable conditions.

The springs on the straps help to give constant tension on the awning at all times. High visibility (Safety Yellow) webbing will help ease unnecessary trip hazards in low light.

The large "D" ring used to wrap around the awning roller is simple to put on and will fit any size roller with no holes, tying or using the track system of the roller (which is handy if you need to put walls on and off).

The quick release buckle make packing away fast, this coupled with the loop handles on the strapping make this product effective to tension.

** Remember the strap will only hold as well as the pegs will hold please use correct size pegs for the ground type you are on


2 x Tie down straps with springs